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Stress & Overwhelm

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Stress & Overwhelm

Stress & Overwhelm hits us all, men & women alike.   It might hit us like a sledgehammer or it might creep up slowly.  You’ve got so much to do in your job, your business or running a family & you begin to realise you aren’t being very effective.  The more you do the more there is left to do & anxiety sets in.

It’s very common, it happens to everyone but it’s the way we tackle it, once we’ve recognised it, that is the key to recovery.

Are you trying to work through it?  Some people think if they work harder they will get through it & the stress & anxiety will stop.  That is an error of judgement… that is just not going to work.

Stress builds up until we get overwhelmed.   One dictionary definition of overwhelm is “bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something”.  Is that what it feels like to you?  Too much work, too many things to do, too many jobs to finish means you feel inadequate & maybe depressed.

Stress, conversely, hits when we have too little or no motivation to occupy us.  The newly retired, people living alone, people becoming isolated from society may all suffer from stress, anxiety & overwhelm.  The minutes stretch into hours & nothing gets done.   Parkinson’s law [The Pursuit of Progress] state “the job expands to fill the time available”.

We have to fool our subconscious minds to recover

& there are several strategies that can help…

Relaxation is one way.   When your body & brain work overtime adrenalin kicks in & you end up in fight or flight mode.   Relaxation, & the removal of the accompanying guilt, leaves us able to think clearly.  Once we are thinking clearly we can prioritise & work on the essentials.   We can then focus & work productively.

Using a relaxation audio or meditation is a great thing to try.   Put out of your mind all the counterproductive guilt though & make a special time just for you.  Carve out an hour a day & cumulatively you will see results.

Some other things to try:

  • Reading a novel
  • Walking,
  • Socialise, meet friends & have fun
  • Laughter
  • Yoga
  • Go for a run, a swim or go to the gym.  Physical exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happy
  • Get a mentor

You need to do a little something every day & the positive effects will build up.

We live in a time of high pressure & high expectation & it seems unfashionable to take time out just for you.  If you’ve let things have built up over time, it will take time to resolve… be patient & kind to yourself.

Hypnotherapy is great for stress reduction & mentorship is great for sorting out your productivity.

If you would like to chat about how hypnotherapy can help you please do get in touch with June Hale she has tremendous experience & a variety of strategies to use.

If you would like help resolving some business strategies please get in touch with Susie Ellis

We would love to hear from you… have any of these suggestions helped?

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